Saturday, July 21, 2018

Cannabis has been used by humanity for thousands of years for medicinal purposes. After many years of unjustified prohibition and vilification in some countries, legal medicinal marijuana is now making a huge comeback – and it’s set to change the world of health and medicine dramatically.

Read more about how medical marijuana could benefit millions of patients and potentially treat a huge range of debilitating conditions more safely than current conventional pharmaceutical treatments.

Often confused with marijuana, industrial hemp in not psychoactive and has tens of thousands of uses – everything from textiles, medicines and building materials to biofuels and car parts.

A hardy, fast-growing and high-yielding crop, industrial hemp can be successfully grown on land where other crops can’t; with less water and other inputs such as pesticides and fertilizer. Learn more about this amazing plant, industrial hemp’s long association with humanity and its myriad uses and applications that can benefit all of us.

The latest news and reports from Australia and around the world on the legal medical marijuana and industrial hemp revolution. With new stories and information added regularly, our news section covers topics including politics, law, business, technology, medical breakthroughs, studies and survey reports.

Stay informed with the all the latest news from the sector and developments in the booming legal cannabis sector – this exciting industry is just getting into gear and the boom will only gain steam!

Latest Medical Marijuana And Industrial Hemp News

Marijuana munchies

Cannabis Munchies Mystery Solved

That cannabis use causes the "munchies" is well established - why it does has been a bit of a mystery, until now. A known side...
Medicinal cannabis in Canada

Medical Cannabis Market Statistics – Canada

Recently updated statistics from Canada's government shows the country's medical cannabis sector is continuing to boom. The statistics indicate that by the end of March,...
Medicinal marijuana in New Jersey

New Jersey Doubling Number Of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

New Jersey's medicinal cannabis program is somewhat a victim of its success; but Governor Phil Murphy is taking steps to rectify the situation. In May...
Cannabis as an insomnia treatment

Cannabis As An Insomnia Treatment

While many of us experience sleep problems at some stage of our lives, for some it can be chronic and seriously impact on their...
Medical cannabis as opioid replacement

Opioid Replacement A Qualifying Condition for Medical Marijuana In New York

Late last week, the New York State Department of Health announced the implementation of an emergency rule allowing for cannabis to be used as...