Friday, July 28, 2017
Cannabis and multiple sclerosis in the UK

UK MS Society Calls For Greater Medicinal Cannabis Access

After having reviewed its position on cannabis as a medical treatment for people with multiple sclerosis, the UK's MS Society is calling on the...
Jeff Sessions and cannabis scheduling

USA’s Attorney General Sued Over Cannabis

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is among the defendants named in federal lawsuit  challenging the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) in relation to cannabis. The 90-page...
Australia's prescription opioid crisis

Australia’s Pharmaceutical Opioid Overdose Crisis

More Australians have been dying from pharmaceutical opioid overdoses than heroin - a disturbing issue that medical cannabis may be able to help address. A...
Kondo - Hemp Housing

Tiny Hemp Houses A Solution For Worker Accommodation

A U.S. company has come up with what it says addresses the issue of affordable housing for employees in luxury resort towns - Kondo,...
Senator John McCain

A Medical Cannabis Treatment Option For John McCain’s Brain Cancer?

U.S Senator John McCain has been diagnosed with a form of brain cancer that may be responsive to treatment with medical cannabis. The Senator's office...
Treating powdery mildew in medical cannabis

Medical Cannabis Powdery Mildew Miracle In The Works

Powdery mildew affects many plants - including cannabis. A new eco-friendly solution may be on the horizon for commercial growers. Powdery mildew is a fungal...
Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court cannabis ruling

Massachusetts Medical Cannabis Patients’ Jobs Protected

Some medical cannabis patients in the U.S. state of Massachusetts are breathing a little easier after a court case confirmed they couldn't be dismissed...
Medicinal marijuana in Hawaii

Hawaii Medical Marijuana Program Statistics

The latest statistics from Hawaii's Department of Health show a continued steady increase in the number of patients registering for the state's program. 17,591 patients...
Medical marijuana supply issues - Nevada

Nevada Medical Cannabis Price Spike

Medical cannabis patients in Nevada are feeling the pinch since recreational cannabis laws came into effect, pushing up the price of their much-needed medication...
Jaala Pulford - Medical Cannabis

Australian Minister Visits Canadian Medical Cannabis Facility

Victoria's Minister for Agriculture and Regional Development toured a Canadian a medical marijuana production facility last week; picking up some tips. Jaala Pulford inspected Aurora...
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