Friday, January 18, 2019
Industrial hemp and FDA regulations

US FDA Urged To Begin Updating Hemp Regulations – Like, Now.

U.S. President Donald Trump may have legalised industrial hemp, but the sector is still being held back by outdated FDA regulations.
Cannabis replacing conventional medication

Conventional Medications Being Replaced With Cannabis: Study

It won't come as new information to many, but another study has confirmed people dropping or reducing the use of conventional pharmaceuticals...
Arkansa cannabis dispensaries

Medical Cannabis Availability In Arkansas A Step Closer

Registered medical marijuana patients in Arkansas now know when they'll finally start seeing ID cards issued - and hopefully product won't be too...
Medical cannabis use and driving

More Driver Education Required On Medicinal Cannabis Use

Results from a survey indicate patient awareness on the use of cannabis and driving leaves a lot to be desired.
Medicinal marijuana bill for Kentucky

Medical Cannabis Bill Filed In Kentucky

Representatives Diane St. Onge and Jason Nemes want to see Kentuckians suffering chronic pain gain access to medical cannabis.
Certified hemp seed in Colorado

More Certified Seed Choices For Colorado’s Hemp Farmers

The Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) has added another half-dozen industrial hemp seed varieties that Colorado Seed Growers Association members can use.
Medical cannabis in Arkansas

Arkansas Patients Waiting On Medical Marijuana Cards – And Cannabis

There are now 6,764 people approved for medical marijuana cards in the U.S. state of Arkansas - and not one of them has...
Industrial hemp rules - Illinois

Illinois Industrial Hemp Draft Rules Published

Proposed rules for the regulation of industrial hemp production and processing in the U.S. state of Illinois have been published and...
Valley Green Grow

Million Square Foot Cannabis Cultivation Facility Rejected

Valley Green Grow's hopes of building a 1-million-square-foot (around 93,00 square meters) indoor cannabis growing and processing facility in Charlton, Massachusetts on the site...
Times Square, New York

Cannabis Advertising Hits Times Square On NYE

Cannabis advertising appeared in New York's Times Square for the first time on New Year's Eve. Conflicting opinions regarding how...