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Medicinal marijuana - military veterans

US Congress Approves Cannabis For Veterans

The U.S. House of Representatives approved an amendment last week that will enable veterans to access medical cannabis therapies through Veterans Affairs. Military veterans are...
Medical marijuana - Illinois

Illinois Medical Cannabis Program Expansion Recommended

Illinois' Medical Cannabis Advisory Board has recommended a dozen conditions be added to the state's pilot program; including Type 1 diabetes and panic disorder. While...

First Online Annual Cannabis Health Summit

The Cannabis Health Summit on January 23-24 will bring together some of the world's top medical marijuana experts; including scientists, physicians and researchers. Each of...
Canada - industrial hemp regulations

Canadian Hemp Farmers Call For Regulatory Reform

Canada is growing a lot of industrial hemp; but wasting a great deal of its potential too due to outdated regulations. Approximately 100,000 acres of...
Medicinal Cannabis - Marijuana

What Is Medical Cannabis & What Can It Treat?

Medicinal cannabis, also referred to as medical marijuana, has been utilised by humanity for thousands of years. The therapeutic use of cannabis was first recorded...
Illinois medical marijuana

Medicinal Cannabis Sales In Illinois Start Next Week

It's been reported patients registered under Illinois' Medical Cannabis Pilot Program will be able to start purchasing supplies next week. According to FOX 32,...