Saturday, February 23, 2019
Industrial hemp in Pennsylvanian

Pennsylvania Broadens Industrial Hemp Program

Pennsylvania's Department of Agriculture says it has submitted an industrial hemp plan to the USDA and will re-open its 2019 program to allow...
Kentucky hemp licenses

1,000+ Hemp Cultivation Applications Approved In Kentucky

No-one would have doubted hemp was popular in Kentucky, but the number of applications approved by the state's Department of Agriculture for the...
Autism and cannabis

Positive Results From Medical Cannabis Trial With Autism Patients

The results of a two-year study have indicated children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) could benefit from cannabis medicines, particularly those high...
Industrial hemp in Maryland

Industrial Hemp Crops To Soon Appear In Maryland

Maryland's Department of Agriculture (MDA) has begun accepting applications for the state's industrial hemp pilot program.  Hemp legislation finalised clearing...
Medical Cannabis Research Act of 2019

Medical Cannabis Research Act of 2019 Introduced

A bill introduced last week seeks to end the University of Mississippi's monopoly on cultivating cannabis for medical research in the USA.
Medical cannabis sales begin in Ohio

Medicinal Cannabis Sales Kick Off In Ohio

Cresco Labs has announced the opening of its Ohio dispensary and has claimed the first legal sale of medical marijuana in the...
Industrial hemp and FDA regulations

US FDA Urged To Begin Updating Hemp Regulations – Like, Now.

U.S. President Donald Trump may have legalised industrial hemp, but the sector is still being held back by outdated FDA regulations.
Cannabis replacing conventional medication

Conventional Medications Being Replaced With Cannabis: Study

It won't come as new information to many, but another study has confirmed people dropping or reducing the use of conventional pharmaceuticals...
Arkansa cannabis dispensaries

Medical Cannabis Availability In Arkansas A Step Closer

Registered medical marijuana patients in Arkansas now know when they'll finally start seeing ID cards issued - and hopefully product won't be too...
Medical cannabis use and driving

More Driver Education Required On Medicinal Cannabis Use

Results from a survey indicate patient awareness on the use of cannabis and driving leaves a lot to be desired.